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Lifestyle related articles from durban based health experts

A superb French act at the courtyard theatre

Returning to Durban to inject theatre and circus audiences with another dose of their fantastic contemporary circus show, the French Reunion Cirquons Flex begins their national tour at the Courtyard Theatre for one night only on Thursday, 15 September 2016. The duo, who presented the whimsical story: Points De Suspension last year, …

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Welcome to Beyond The Storm Transformation Workshop

20 Hours of very powerful transformation processes in this carefully formulated workshop A journey of personal growth and transformation to restore relationships, set goals and achieve lifetime success. Imagine the power of knowing who you truly are and what your purpose is in this world? What if you can obtain …

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Wellness and your companion animals

Wellness is everything. Wellness determines your mental and physical state. Wellness determines your longevity. The enlightened person understands that a natural life style, free of preservatives and chemicals, impacts positively on your well being. The enlightened consumer is moral, ethical and humane and they endeavor to work in co-operation with …

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