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Land claims process to be re-opened

Sugarcane+sugar+XXX+The land claims process closed 14 years ago will be reopened, The Star newspaper reported on Wednesday.

According to the draft Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bill published last week the new deadline for claims would be December 31, 2018.

The previous deadline was December 31, 1998.

If the bill became law, it would allow those who missed the first deadline to claim, opening the door to new claims for those dispossessed by homelands betterment schemes, including white people, The Star reported.

It would also allow people to lodge claims that were previously refused.

The land claims process was for those who were dispossessed of a land right after June 13, 1913 as a result of past racially discriminatory laws.

An explanatory memo attached to the draft bill said the previous restitution programme had “a number of problems” and certain categories of people who lost their rights due to colonial and apartheid laws had not been included.

These were people who could not lodge claims before the December 1998 deadline, and those who were dispossessed before 1913.

Others were dispossesses through betterment planning schemes but were not allowed to lodge claims.


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