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Welcome to Beyond The Storm Transformation Workshop - Next Workshop Date 14-16 October 2016. Visit www.joyoflife.co.za for more info.

Welcome to Beyond The Storm Transformation Workshop

20 Hours of very powerful transformation processes in this carefully formulated workshop

A journey of personal growth and transformation to restore relationships, set goals and achieve lifetime success.

Imagine the power of knowing who you truly are and what your purpose is in this world? What if you can obtain the knowledge to change all negative patterns and re-align yourself with positive elements that can help you achieve anything you desire in life?

Beyond the Storm Workshop is a carefully prepared personal journey of inner adventure, self-discovery and empowerment  engineered to re-connect you to the magic & joy that already exists within you.

The formula includes precisely defined methods guaranteed to cause a cataclysmic shift within, to connect you with your true core essence, placing you on a higher vibration frequency that aligns you with everything that is good – for you. 

 ”The Beyond the Storm Workshop is one of the most profound workshops ever created. Pass through the turmoil of your storm!

If you have a feeling that there must be more to life,
then this weekend workshop is for you!

As a child you lived in a world of beauty and magnificence. Along the way, exposure to disappointments, external false realities and the world’s ‘stuff’ broke your ability to connect to and create your personal dreams. This workshop takes a serious look at what actually creates the storm in your life and applies techniques to empower you and take you beyond your personal (unconscious) negative thought patterns.

This is a weekend to place your needs before anyone or anything else. This is about your issues and only you matter – give yourself the time and space to do this and see how much more you can then offer. Your family, friends, work colleagues will reap the rewards only after you are enabled beyond your current set-point. Cos You’re Worth It! 

You will participate in 20 hours of powerful transformation processes, relaxation techniques and interactions that will create a positive paradigm shift on a cellular level, which will last forever.

Next Workshop Date 14-16 October 2016

Learn more about this from the Joy of life website!


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